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Mission Statement

Earth Anthem is a recently incorporated California non-profit. The organization has two fundamental goals:


I.  The organization seeks to promote an international anthem. The anthem is a composition for chorus, with orchestra or keyboard accompaniment, entitled “Under One Sky.” The work includes a version for orchestra and five choirs: Principle Choir, Men’s Choir, Gospel Choir, Children’s Choir and Isicathamiya Choir. (Isicathamiya is South African Zulu a cappella singing style.)

        The anthem has 10 verses which communicate fundamental concepts of a rational society: 


  1.  Born free. We are born free, in a natural state of affinity with others, seeking a better life; hatred is learned, and is taught.

  2.  Human rights. We are born with human rights which no ideology may validly curtail.

  3.  Knowledge. Knowledge is the domain of all; travel in this realm must be unrestrained.

  4. Civil rights. Civil rights must be guaranteed to all.

  5. Rational governance. Government must be based on reason, service to others, the greatest good for all and the will of the people.

  6. Conservation. We must act as conservators of our natural resources and environment.

  7. Sound money. All deserve sound money, money as a simple aid to commerce. Sound money is a civil right. It can and should be secured and protected.

  8. Evil. Throughout history there have been men of ill will towards others, from commoners to sovereigns; they are relatively few in number, but must be confronted and stopped.

  9. Truth. Opinion is not fact, confirmation bias is not truth; all deserve truth, that we may understand and effectively address our responsibilities to ourselves and to others.

  10. A better world. A better world requires the hard work of all.

II. The organization seeks to raise funds, through performances, recording sales and

educational activities, and to provide grants to organizations which forward the tenets of the ten verses.

For further information, please contact:

Earth Anthem


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