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An International Anthem
Below are the ten verses of an international anthem, entitled Under One Sky. Earth Anthem seeks to have the anthem performed throughout the world in all possible settings. Earth Anthem works to promote the guiding principles of a civil society, as outlined in the anthem, and to support those individuals and organizations working to forward these ideals.
Born Free
Verse One: Born Free

Under one sky we live,

born free to find our way.

Born free, the child of earth

in peace and friendship comes.


Love is a choice we make.

Teach not the false dividing words.

We are the human family,

the stewards of our home.


Love is the choice we make.

Hear not the false reviling words.

We are the guardians of our race,

the human family.

steward: one who responsibly manages and protects. 

revile: abusively attack verbally. 

It should be universally accepted that all humans are born with certain fundamental rights and freedoms, among these the right to choose their own path in life. It is important to recognize that children are born in a state of affinity with others, not in a state of enmity. Hatred and animosity are too often brought about through indoctrination. Instead, teach love, choose love.

Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly, states that the “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.” Everyone has rights to which they are entitled for no other reason than their existence as human beings. No ideology may annul  these rights.

Verse Two: Human Rights

Under one sky we live,

rights inalienable,

granted for every race,

for every gender, creed.


No ideology

may void the human rights of all.

These rights no one may grant to life,

these rights are life itself.


No ideology

may end the human rights we share.

We join our hands and stand as one,

for life and liberty.

inalienable: unable to be taken away. 

Freedom of Thought
Verse Three: Freedom of Thought

Under one sky we live.

Let no one ever fear

to seek truth where he may,

to believe as she would.


Knowledge is our domain,

where all may travel unrestrained,

all free to search in life unbowed,

to know or not to know.


Knowledge is our domain,

where all may travel unrestrained,

all free to see or not to see,

sacrosanct this must be.


domain: field of thought, sphere of responsibility 

unbowed: not enslaved or under authoritative control 

sacrosanct: must not be criticized, changed or violated.

A fundamental right of all is the right to search for truth in whatever manner one chooses to search. All are free to observe for themselves what can be known, and to determine for themselves what is true, by their own observations, considerations or beliefs. Raphael’s fresco, Causarum Cognitio (Knowledge of Causes), or The School of Athens, shows men and women involved in discussions and arguments concerning philosophy, science and mathematics. We see, among others, Hypatia of Alexandria, Egypt, the first well-known female mathematician and astronomer, Plato, holding Timaeus, his book on the nature of the physical world, and Aristotle, holding his Ethics.

All humans have a right to equal protection under a system of laws which is fair (blind), predictable and allows for recourse against injustice.

Verse Four: Justice for All

Under one sky we live,

equal before the law,

justice for each and all,

fair and predictable.


Equal protection shown

under impartial court of law,

may all be granted sure recourse

against injustice found.


Freedom and privacy,

ensured for every citizen,

may civil rights ever sustain

a safe and peaceful land.

recourse: a turning to another for help

Justice for All
To Serve
Verse Five: To Serve 

Under one sky we live

May all who rule observe:

the people are your wealth,

reason your one true power.


Your rationale and goal

must be the greatest good for all.

Knowing to govern is to serve,

lead all to better lives.


This mandate we proclaim:

pursue the greatest good for all,

heed now the will of those you serve,

honor the trust we give.



mandate: authorization to act in a particular way, given by the 

                      people to those who represent them.

rationale: set of reasons upon which a course of action is based. 

venezuela Shadow2.jpg

Those who govern must understand that to govern is to serve. Article 21 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “The will of the people shall be the basis of authority of government.”

All must take responsibility to restore and to conserve the natural resources of our home planet so that they will be available to all, now and in the future. We cannot afford to engage in expedient   behavior which is convenient or profitable in the short term, but   which leads to environmental damage and decay.

Verse Six: Our Children's Home

Under one sky we live,

upon one land and sea.

With every touch comes change,

for better or for worse.


End the expedient trade,

fouling the earth for wealth today,

Let us renew our island home,

and foster nature’s grace.


We now assume our role,

conservator, not parasite,

Let us preserve this legacy:

our children’s children’s home.

expedient: convenient or advantageous, although immoral or improper.

foster: promote the growth or development of.

grace: elegance or beauty of form, manner or action.


Our Children's Home
Verse Seven: Sound Money
Sound Money

Under one sky we live,

our earnings well deserved

from honest labor’s fruit,

not in deceit derived.


Money – a simple aid,

fair for the many, not the few.

Restore it to its proper role

for all who labor here.


Sound money all deserve

that work may bring security.

Let us secure this civil right

for all who labor here.


deceit: concealment or distortion of truth for purpose of misleading or cheating

secure: bring into existence; cause to happen 

sound: secure; free from defect; rational; wise 

Money wix final.jpg

Money should be a simple aid to assist honest commerce among individuals. Money today is not sound or stable or fair. Its value is manipulated dishonestly. Sound, honest money is vital to the well-being of individuals and society. It is a civil right. It can and should be secured and protected.

The vast majority of earth’s inhabitants are men and women of good will. Their intention is to do right by themselves and others, even if they do not always succeed. Nevertheless, throughout history there have been persons of ill will. These seek control over others by weakening them, often through the use of deceitful methods, exaggerations, lies, withholding information and the clever manipulation of language and redefinition of words. They may be well-spoken, even charismatic. Their activities, always proclaimed to promote the "public good," leave a trail of misery and destruction. They seek to divide the world and turn groups against each other, arousing fears and stimulating herd behavior. They must not be allowed to prevail.

Verse Eight: To End Inhuman Ways

Under one sky we live,

where evil also dwells,

in rags or finest thread,

common to sovereign.


Control with lies and fear,

a seeming logic that ensnares,

these troubled few with dark appeal,

they may not wish to heal.


The calm or savage mind,

who wills dominion of our kind,

we meet with bright unflinching gaze

to end inhuman ways.


common: member of a non-ruling class

sovereign: head of a state

To End Inhuman Ways
Verse Nine: Truth

Under one sky we live,

truth our goal, fact our guide.

So may we not be moved

by the well-spoken lie.


Opinion is not fact,

nor confirmation bias truth.

May animosity give way

to reasoned dialogue.


All are deserving truth,

that we may find and clearly see

our own responsibility

for self and for the world.


confirmation bias:  The tendency (bias) to defend  personal  "rightness" by considering or forwarding only that data which  supports  (confirms) a pre-existing opinion, while ignoring, altering, downplaying, falsifying or failing to look for or examine any factual data which might disprove that opinion

One must never desist in the effort to know what is true. Without factual information, often hard to obtain, workable solutions are impossible. Confirmation bias, a plague upon humankind throughout history, has infected almost everyone at one time or another. The only cure is to search for relevant data and to evaluate it without bias. As Bertrand Russell observed, “When you are studying any matter, or considering any philosophy, ask yourself only what are the facts, and what is the truth that the facts bear out. Never let yourself be diverted either by what you wish to believe or by what you think could have beneficent social effects if it were believed. But look only and solely at what are the facts.” (Interview, BBC, 1959)

A Better World

A kind and peaceful world is our common dream. Through hard  work we may achieve it.

Verse Ten: A Better World

Under one sky we live,

each with our role to choose

to create what is good,

to make a better world.


Hope lies within our hearts,

and in our hands it may be said.

Let us work hard, then, to make whole,

our world and family.


Hope lies within our hearts,

and in our hands it must be said.

Let us work hard, then, to bring forth

a kind and peaceful world.

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